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Poetry Collections


Hands That Break & Scar. Sundress Publications. September 2017. Available for order!


All Day, Talking. Dancing Girl Press, September 2014. Available for order!


Essays & Guest Blog Posts


"Grandma Chavez's Mexican Arroz." Cookbook Recipes, The Sundress Blog. December 2, 2018. 

"Mexican Americans and American Mexicans: An Etymology." Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction. Issue 53, September 2016.

"The Female Body at the Front of the Room." VIDA: Women in Literary Arts. May 2016.

"Oppositional Identities and the Mestiz@ Writer/Scholar: A Memoir." Community Boundaries and Border Crossings: Critical Essays on Ethnic Women Writers, 2017.

"Working Class Poetry." The Sundress Blog. October 10, 2014.

Editorial Work

Poetry Coordinator, Best of the Net Anthology. March 2017-present.

Associate Poetry Editor, Stirring: A Literary Collection. September 2016-current.  

Guest Editor, Stirring: A Literary Collection. Vol. 17 Issue 11, November 2015.

Book Reviews

Review of Karankawa by Iliana Rocha. Pittsburgh Poetry Review. July 2016.

Review of Some Fatal Effects of Curiostity and Disobedience by Laura Madeline Wiseman. Stirring: A Literary Collection. March 2015.


Review of Queen of the Platform by Laura Madeline Wiseman. The Volta Blog. April 2014.


Selected Individual Poems


"Dear Carole, There is no one with whom to have secrets" & "Dear Carole, You’d be impressed by all the things I can do drunk." IDK Magazine. forthcoming January 25, 2019.

"Dear Carole, In my dream last night" & "Dear Carole, I just filed my taxes." Pretty Owl Poetry, Spring 2018.

"Dear Carole, You would like it here." The New Nature Series, The Fourth River. August 29, 2018. 


"Dear Carole, Grief has made me look old" & "Dear Carole, Today I learned." Flies, Cockroaches, and Poets: Chicano Writers and Artists Association. May 2018.

"Dear Carole, Dermatologists call the body a 'trunk.'" Atticus Review. December 2017.

"Dear Carole, I've Been Meditating on Transgression" and "In This New Age." RE:AL - Regarding Arts And Letters Issue 40.2. May 2017.

"Dear Carole, he called me a pack rat," "Dear Carole, even the notes in my books are more mature," and "Dear Carole, I only relate to male singers now." White Stag. September 2016.

"At Night My Body Splits and Splits" and "my body is all memory." IMANIMAN: Poets Reflect on Transformative & Transgressive Borders Through Gloria Anzaldúa's Work. Aunt Lute Books, November 2016.

"Dear Carole, In my dream last night," "Dear Carole, I’m waiting in the Houston airport for my connecting flight," "Dear Carole, I’ve had too much caffeine today," and "Dear Carole, I’ve begun sucking my fingers." Connotation Press: An Online Artifact. May 2016.

"Turtle Finds Himself Once Again Upon the Land," "Turtle Wonders About Sex," "Turtle’s First Valentine’s Day." Infoxicated Corner: 2016 Spotlight Series. THEthe Poetry Blog. March 2016.

“Neighborhood Watch” and “Praise This Land, The San Joaquin Valley.” Political Punch: Anthology of Political Poetry. Sundress Publications, March 2016.


“Dear Carole, It’s Halloween” and “Dear Carole, If I were the type to Vaguebook.” Pittsburgh Poetry Review, Vol. 1. November 2015.


“Dear Carole, it hurts to look at things.” Rogue Agent, September 2015.


“Dear Carole, Of course now I do the dishes,” “Dear Carole, I Wait to Stop Feeling Hungry,” and “Dear Carole, At the Galthouse Pool, Louisville, KY 2014.” The Boiler Journal, October 2015.


“In The Toaster Room at Irene's Cafe" and "Dear Carole, In my dream last night." Bared: Anthology on Bras & Breasts. Les Femmes Folles Books. Forthcoming 2016.


"The Day the Alligators Feasted on Time." Stirring: A Literary Collection. March 2015.


"When Turtle First Began to Carry the Earth" (sections 1-3). North Dakota Quarterly. Issue 80.2, Summer 2015.


"Thirteen and Catholic." Spoon River Poetry Review. Spring 2015.


“Dear Carole, There are bugs everywhere” and “Dear Carole, Remember how much I hated throwing up?” Luna Luna Magazine. January 2015.


“This, Like So Much.” So to Speak: Feminist Journal of Language and Art.

Summer 2014


“Dear Carole, For hours it’s been burning.” By The Slice: Anthology of Pizza Poems, Spooky Girlfriend Press. Forthcoming Fall 2014.


“My Mother Teaches Me to Change a Flat.” Third Wednesday. Fall 6.2, 2014.


“Looking on Marvin Cone’s Painting Attic Door No. 2.” In Gilded Frame: Anthology, Kind of a Hurrican Press, Spring 2014.


“Cheers to the Dead.” The Moon Magazine, November 2013.        


“Dear Carole, It’s Dia de los Muerte.” The Midwest Quarterly. December 2013.


“The Mexican American Parade.” Not Somewhere Else But Here: A

Contemporary Anthology of Women and Place. Sundress Publications, February 2014.


“Dancing.” Prole Issue 11, August 2013.


“Full Again.” Weber – The Contemporary West, Spring 2013.


“When Dana Was About to Be Raped.” Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence. Hyacinth Girl Press, March 2013.


“Viscosity” and “A Year of Dreams.” The Fourth River Issue 10 (Autumn 2013).


“Tag.” North American Review, 2013


“The poem I wouldn’t write for you.” The Acentos Review, August 2012.


“Watching The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly with My Dad.” WomenArts

Quarterly Journal Summer 2012.


“How Waitresses Walk Home,” “About Grandma’s Hands,” and “She Came HomeCrying Again.” CALYX Journal Vol. 26.3 (Summer 2011).


“In Childhood.” American Life in Poetry, March 2012.


“When She Asked Was I Afraid of Needles.” Blood Lotus Issue 19 (Spring 2011).


“When the Heat Ends.” The Battered Suitcase 4.1 (Summer 2011).

“What We Didn’t Want.” Stone’s Throw Magazine Issue 5 (October 2010)

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